Reviews of Nordisk Spisehus

Reviews 2020

Nordisk Spisehus wins Tripadvisor Award 2020

Nordisk Spisehus has been awarded Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best 2020 by Tripadvisor. The title is awarded to only 10% of all restaurants on Tripadvisor and is based on all guest reviews in 2019. July 2020.

Reviews 2019

”It doesn’t get any better on a fine dining restaurant”

We are incredible proud to receive a five star review from our local daily newspaper, Aarhus Stiftstidende. In the review, you can read the following lines: “How talented they are at Nordisk Spisehus. And skilled. We knew it would be good, but not this good. (…) Our warmest recommendations to Nordisk Spisehus for food and wine which all come beautifully together.”.

Reviews 2017

5 star review in Jyllands-Posten

Food critic of Danish daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten, Kim Pauli, visited Nordisk Spisehus and he’s thrilled by what he experienced. Actually, he was so excited that he bestows five big stars for the overall restaurant experience and another five stars for the service. Kim Pauli says: “Nordisk Spisehus does not have a Michelin star, but comes with high recommendation in the new edition of Guide Michelin, and our visit shows that it is well deserved.”

Guests’ favourite restaurant in January 2017

Over 10.000 guests have reviewed their restaurant visits in January and Nordisk Spisehus is on top of the list as the guests favourite restaurant. Feedback include: “Incredible evening with really delicious food and exquisite service. – Søren” and “A truly great experience in a nice and informal setting. We enjoyed both the food and the professional service from the staff who showed great knowledge of the different courses and accompanying wines. Lovely and perfect. – Kim”

Reviews 2016

Jyllands-Posten: Nordisk Spisehus is the spearhead of the Frederiksbjerg gastronomic scene

In October 2016, Jyllands-Posten compiled a readers’ guide to eateries in the Frederiksbjerg district of Aarhus. In their description of Nordisk Spisehus, the newspaper employed expressions such as “Nordisk Spisehus is the spearhead of the Frederiksbjerg gastronomic scene”, “the dishes really hit the mark” and “the service is outstandingly professional”.

Den Danske Spiseguide nominates Søren Appel Hansen as Waiter of the Year

In 2016, Søren Appel Hansen, Sommelier and Sous Chef at Nordisk Spisehus, was nominated for the distinguished ‘Waiter of the Year’ award. The award is given by Den Danske Spiseguide. Søren Appel Hansen was nominated alongside just four other sommeliers and waiters in Denmark.

Aarhus Stiftstidende praises the Nordisk Spisehus restaurant concept

The wine critic, Søren Ellemose, gave a very pertinent description of the Nordisk Spisehus concept in his extensive, excellent article in Aarhus Stiftstidende in April 2016. Søren Ellemose wrote: “Nordisk Spisehus spotlights the food and the wines, and the concept is quite extraordinary. Not because it is so very different from all the others, and yet it is. Nordisk Spisehus gives guests the opportunity to taste dishes from some of the best restaurants in the world – in Aarhus.”

The Culture Trip designates Nordisk Spisehus as one of the best restaurants in the city.

The Culture Trip is a global cultural guide. It ranked the best eateries and restaurants in Aarhus, and Nordisk Spisehus is one of the Top 10. The Culture Trip’s comments about Nordisk Spisehus include: “The style and the menu is decidedly Nordic but very ‘nouvelle cuisine’. The hay-smoked salmon is unbeatable.”

Reviews 2015

5 Stars in Århus Stiftstidende

Århus Stiftstidende paid Nordisk Spisehus an unannounced visit. This resulted in a glowing review, which makes us both delighted and proud. Here are a few of the critic’s highly complimentary comments: “Nordisk Spisehus has managed to come up with a number of flawless creations and to serve them with enormous commitment and flair. The combination of Nordic dishes, amongst Michelin inspirations, works impeccably, earning it five perfect stars (…) We are talking the absolute top end of the gastronomic scale (…)”

Gastropassion: “An absolute class act”

The two gourmet enthusiasts, Nina and Mikkel, from the Gastropassion blog, reviewed their visit to Nordisk Spisehus. One of the dishes they mention in their review is the cod with black lobster: “This was an interaction between cod and black lobster. The crispy fried confit of cod in a tomato bouillon is to die for – as is the small lobster accompaniment. An absolute class act. The dish was inspired by the Spanish, Michelin-starred restaurant, Akelarre and was a resounding success for Nordisk Spisehus. There was elegance, oomph and, not least, balance.”

Nordisk Spisehus – a favourite with the people of Aarhus

More than 11,000 guests rated their eating experience at Aarhus restaurants in the first six months of 2015. Nordisk Spisehus comes fourth in the Top 5, which makes us both extremely proud and over the moon! A big thank you to all you guests who took the time to review us and give us top marks in the Food, Service, Atmosphere and Value-for-Money categories.

Aarhus Update believes that Nordisk Spisehus should have a Michelin star

This is what it says in the Aarhus Update review: “As we left the restaurant, we could only marvel, once again, at the fact that Nordisk Spisehus does not have a Michelin star (…) If Nordisk Spisehus had been located in France, Germany or Luxembourg, there is absolutely no doubt that it would have been awarded a Michelin star. We really tried to find fault, but it was impossible. The food was one surprise after another – the good kind. The kind that involves seducing the guests.”

Included in the Michelin Nordic Cities Guide 2015

We are incredibly proud of being awarded two knives and forks in the new, Nordic Michelin Guide. This is the description of Nordisk Spisehus: “A smart, intimate restaurant with a unique concept: four themed menus a year offering their own versions and dishes from Michelin starred restaurants around the globe. Décor changes along with the theme: perhaps Japanese, Spanish and Nordic.” 27 February 2015.

The Financial Times recommends Nordisk Spisehus as one of the two best places to eat in Aarhus

The two British food critics, Bill Knot of the Financial Times and Karen Bowerman of The Press, visited Nordisk Spisehus. As a result of their tour of the Nordic region’s gastronomic gems, they both recommend Nordisk Spisehus as one of the two places in Aarhus, where you get most value for your money.

Reviews 2014

Review in Jyllands-Posten – that evening, the food and wine were wonderful

“Inventive, delicious and beautifully composed. Such was the evening at Nordisk Spisehus with service that was attentive, skilful and adept.”

Review of Oslo & Stockholm on

In his review, he writes: “The Nordisk Spisehus gourmet restaurant in Frederiksbjerg was recently crowned Lunch Restaurant of the Year 2014 by Den Danske Spiseguide. You expect to get what you pay for and, with this Nordic-based lunch, you certainly do. There was nothing to find fault with in terms of the quality delivered by this award-winner.”

Lunch Restaurant of the Year 2014

Den Danske Spiseguide has just crowned Nordisk Spisehus ‘Lunch Restaurant of the Year 2014’. We are so proud to have received this title and look forward to treating our guests to delectable lunch dishes.

Review of Paris Meets New York on

“As far as I’m concerned, Nordisk Spisehus has proved to be one of the very best places to eat in Aarhus.”

Review of the Michelin tribute on

“The taste is tremendous and went brilliantly with the pan-fried turbot. A simple, beautifully composed dish. Even though it is Nordisk Spisehus’s own creation, it might as well have been served at El Celler de Can Roca.”

Review on

“This was actually the third or fourth time in recent years that the Webmaster and I visited Nordisk Spisehus. But the place was by no means the same. Clearly, a lot has happened since Frantz Longhi, the owner of Kähler, assumed ownership.”

Reviews 2013

Review on

“It might sound a bit unambitious and boring simply to imitate other people. But it absolutely isn’t. The kitchen at Nordisk Spisehus delivers incredibly ambitious food of very high quality.”

6 Stars in Jyllands-Posten

“From the very first moment, this promised to be a memorable evening. It was. In our overall evaluation (…), there was no question that the restaurant should be awarded six stars. Everything worked. Everything was perfectly balanced.”

Review on

“Everything came together. Nordisk Spisehus is a gourmet restaurant, and we strongly recommend and encourage anyone with an interest in gourmet food to visit Number 31, M.P. Bruuns Gade.”

Review on

“An experience to remember. I am not afraid of saying that the experience I had at Nordisk Spisehus was better than those I have sometimes had at 1- and 2-star Michelin restaurants.”

5 Stars in Børsen

“An exciting balancing act between simplicity and sophistication, executed in a unique universe, in which cosy comfort meets elegance, relaxed hospitality meets professionalism and intelligent contemporary gastronomy and understanding of wine meets the classic virtues.”

5 Stars in Jyllands-Posten

“Every single guest was attended to. It deserves six stars for service. This time round, I have given it five big stars with a plus for the wines and a recommendation: Give this updated eatery a try. You’ll be in the very best of hands.”